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7 Common Social Media Myths

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Let's Market offers social media marketing to increase business growth and revenue

Did you know that social media is changing faster than you can say "hashtag"? New platforms are popping up, algorithms are improving, and businesses are using them in different ways. With all this change, it's hard to tell what's true and what's false when it comes to social media theories!

Even if some of the social media myths have been debunked, it's still tough to keep up with an industry that never stops evolving. That's where Let's Market comes in. We'll help you navigate social media marketing, so you can be more successful with your social media efforts.

Social media marketing needs time. Building a community, brand awareness, connections, and trust with your audience all takes a lot of research, effort and input from you. Social media has now become an integral part of our daily lives, and businesses can use it to find new revenue sources and engage with their community. However, the following are a few things to watch out for as we know these to be social media myths!

Myth Number One: You should only post content on weekdays

We aren't encouraging you to work seven days a week but research has found that social media activity often peaks in the middle of the week, on weekends, and at night. However, each channel will be unique, which is why it is crucial to tailor it to your company's target market.

Let’s Market will work with your business in the first month to figure out what days and times work best for your target audience and build a marketing strategy with those times in mind to maximise your customer engagement.

Myth Number Two: Social media marketing strategies don't provide financial gains

This couldn't be further from the truth! Social media is a lead generator, a tool for driving traffic to your website, and a great way to get relevant information and updates to your community. Even if your posts don't always spark a discussion, you can still direct readers to your website and sales channels to optimize revenue. Social media can be used for more than simply increasing brand exposure and user engagement. It can also help generate leads and sales!

Myth Number Three: Social media is for getting new customers

Most of the people you interact with on social media are already loyal consumers. According to DDB research, 84 percent of Facebook page fans for businesses are either present or past clients. So, it's important to use social media as a tool for client loyalty and retention rather than for new customer acquisition.

Myth Number Four: Your social media should be about your products and services

While your followers may already be customers, they're following you because they want to be part of your community, not just to hear about your products or services. So, if your content doesn't have intrinsic value, people will unfollow you. Give yourself permission to expand the narrative and develop content marketing that relates to your brand but isn't always about selling. Social media is the perfect time to sell your business story, give your brand a voice and let your customers come along on your business journey.

Myth Number Five: Your business should be on every social media site

By all means, investigate other social media platforms. Create a business profile or page and give them a shot. However, you will discover that some aren't actually worth your time and effort for the returns you are getting. Only invest time and money in the platforms that best suit your target market and marketing strategies.

Le’s Market can work alongside your business and provide recommendations on what platforms we think are right for your market and help you to create a marketing strategy that aligns with the chosen platforms you are using and to determine which promotional efforts provide the best outcomes.

Myth Number Six: You don't have enough content to post on social media

Social media is always moving. What you publish today could be irrelevant by tomorrow. Saying, "I don't have enough content to share," makes it simple to see this as a roadblock to stop you from posting on social media.

If the subject of your content is timeless, even if you subsequently repurpose it or republish it, it will almost always remain relevant. This doesn't imply that you should post the same link with a few tweaks every day, but feel free to promote anything again after a few weeks have passed. Just do your followers a favour and put in a fresh piece of information that is worth mentioning in your reshare.

If you are still getting stuck, it might be worth getting in contact with Let’s Market. We can work with you to create a social media marketing strategy so you have a plan going forward. We also offer social media templates to keep your branding similar but adding in additional content. If you are really over the thought of trying to come up with new social media posts each week, hand your social media marketing over to us. We will create content and share it through your channels on your behalf.

Myth Number Seven: You keep using the same social media strategies that have always worked

In a poll conducted by HubSpot of more than 1,000 marketers, 80% of participants stated their company's social media strategy will change from 2021 to 2022, and with good reason. The social media techniques that were successful in the past might not work as well now. Social media teams who can stay flexible and ready to change course may fare better in the ever-evolving social media environment.

Reusing the same objectives on social media sites that are continually evolving will harm your social media channels. For instance, Instagram introduced its Reels feature in 2020 to provide users with short-form video choices similar to TikTok. Reels will be given priority in the platform's notorious algorithm and would be promoted to a bigger audience than static picture postings by the middle of 2021, according to the announcement. Businesses that are still dependent on an early 2020 strategy without Reels or short-form videos will lose out on the opportunity to have their content exposed to more people.

Let's Market offers social media management services to help businesses grow their followers

Although social media is always evolving, there will continue to be golden opportunities for businesses that are willing to spend the time and money staying up to date on the latest changes.

Here at Let’s Market, our job is to know what the changes are. So let us spend the time doing the research and separating the facts from the fiction and provide you with the best, up-to-date information so we can work together to build your social media. We can work with you to create social media strategies and plans so you can maximise your chosen social media marketing channel and get the best outcomes for your business.

Get in touch with us right now for a free quotation and let's grow your company to new levels of success!

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