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Ultimate Branding Course

Thinking of investing in the Ultimate Branding Couse but don't know if it's right for you?


I felt the exact same way.


I found the course because I was looking at different ways I could sell products online that would also be of benfit to myself. 


And that's why I ended up doing the Ultimate Branding Course becuase although yes you can onsell it. You also learn some amazing social media markeitng skills you can impliment into your business or future indevour. 


If you keep reading below, you will find some FAQ's that I wish I had before I did the course. 


There is also a link to the course page if you are interested to learn more. 

Ultimate Branding Course Outline

Before I answer any questions, I wanted to start off with the Ultimate Branding Course isn't for everyone. 

If you're looking to start making money fast, this is not the digital marketing product for you.

There are over 130 videos to watch and digest with so much information it can take a long time to get through all that information, some of which you might want to rewatch again to make sure you fully understand it all. 

And then you want to feel comfortable and confident enough to go out there and sell the Course. 

Having said that, I have seen many people start warming up their audiences or start their new social media accounts while they go through the course themselves which is a really appealing way to go about it. 

So yes, you can make 100% off this course, but you need to make sure you have the time and energy to do so. 

Ultimate Branding Course

Thinking about signing up for the Ultimate Branding Course but not sure if it's right for you? 

I've been there. 

A lot of people find the Ultimate Branding Course because they want to make money. Either through selling the Course itself or using the information about how to sell on social media and implementing it into their own business. 

Today I am here to break down whether it is worth the $499 investment and what I actually got out of the course.

  • Can I do Affiliate Marketing without showing my face?
    Yes, you can do this without showing your face but it just requires better branding & more patience! How to do this is covered in the Ultimate Branding Course so that if you do want to try and sell the course this way it is 100% possible.
  • Can I do this in New Zealand, Australia, UK etc...
    No matter where you live in the world, you can do the Ultimate Branding Course. However, it's important to consider the income of your target audience. If the average income in a particular country is low, it may be difficult to sell a $499 product there. In such cases, you might need to adjust your strategy. This could involve: Targeting a different audience: Look for countries with a higher average income that would be more receptive to your product's price point. Adjusting your pricing: Consider lowering your price or offering different pricing tiers to cater to a wider range of income levels. Offering alternative payment options: Provide financing or instalment plans to make your product more accessible to customers. Part of the program does show you how to set up a 3 month payment plan which can make it a lot more accessible to everyone. ​
  • Is the Ultimate Branding Course worth it?
    If you want to learn how to grow and sell on social media, this course is great value for money. It breaks down every single step on how to be successful at selling on social media. Plus it is continuously being updated with new trends so it will never be out of date.
  • What does the Ultimate Branding Course include?
    130+ Videos Over 130 comprehensive videos on social media, marketing, branding & the sales process. Community Calls Get instant access to a success community where you can network & ask questions. We host weekly calls on mindset & business. No Upsells! Absolutely no up-sells for the knowledge in this course. You pay a one-time price and its yours! Funnel Template Save hours by downloading our customizable done-for-you sales funnel which is included with your purchase of the course. Lifetime Updates Get lifetime access to the course, any updates, new videos added & the support community.
  • I don't know anything about digital marketing, will I understand the Ultimate Branding Course?
    YES! The girls who created this program have made it back to basics so you can learn from scratch. This course cuts to the chase and teaches you everything you need to know to start making money online without all the fluff. It's so you can stop spending hours figuring things out on your own. This course is your step-by-step roadmap to building a successful digital marketing business. And the best part in my opinion is that you can learn how to on sell the course, so you can turn your investment into extra income.
  • I'm interested in signing up but there's something stopping me.
    If you are feeling unsure whether this is right for you, send me a message and I'll try and answer your questions about the course.
  • Is Ultimate Branding Course a pyramid scheme?
    It is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme or a pyramid scheme. These misconceptions are often spread by those who haven't done the course themselves. You don't have to resell the program if you don't want to. You can just use all the information and implement it in your own business.
  • What's the difference between affiliate marketing and master resell rights?
    Master Resell Rights (MRR) and affiliate marketing offer contrasting approaches to online income generation. With MRR, you purchase a license to a digital product, granting you ownership and the ability to sell it as your own, set your price, and even resell the license itself. This translates to potentially higher profit margins as you keep 100% of the sales. Conversely, affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else's product for a commission on each sale. It requires no upfront cost and allows you to test different products without risk. However, your earnings are capped by the commission rate set by the product owner and you have limited control over pricing and marketing.
  • What is MRR digital marketing?
    Think of it as a special pass that lets you not only sell a product, but also give others the power to sell it too! It's not a brand new concept, its been out on the internet for years, but the way it's shaking things up in the digital marketing world is pretty new and there are lots of opportunities and money to be made with this business model.
  • Is Ultimate Branding Course network marketing?
    No it is not. This course is independent of any Networking Marketing Company. There is no team building or multi-level aspect. You are simply CHOOSING to sell the digital couse for 100% profit.
  • Who is the Ultimate Branding Course for?
    Ready to ditch the 9-5 and become your own digital marketing boss? This course is for anyone wanting to launch a profitable online business, selling digital products, and raking in extra cash, all without the techie mumbo jumbo. This course is for anyone who wants to: Be their own boss Work from anywhere in the world Control their own income Get more sales on social media for their own brand
  • What is the Ultimate Branding Course with master resell rights?
    The Ultimate Branding Course teaches you how to sell successfully on social media. Master resell rights means that you can purchase the course and then on sell it to other people for 100% profit. The course is really good at explaining how to use master resell rights, implement it into your own business or do it with their program.
  • How much does the Ultimate Branding Course cost?
    You have two options, you can either pay a one off $499 investment or do one payment for three months of $167. Either choice gives you access to the full suite of videos + the master resell rights. The only limitation for the three month plan is you have to wait until the third month before you can start reselling the course. Over time they will continue to update the course and you will never have to pay more for these updates which is amazing value.
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