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Case Study: 85% Google Ads Conversion Rate

The power of a Google Ads campaign is often measured by its conversion rate – the holy grail of advertising metrics.

But how often do we see numbers that truly make us sit up and take notice?

This is how Let's Market helps a local Auckland business achieve an astonishing 85% conversion rate, turning the industry standard on its head.

85% Google Ads Conversion Rate

Our journey began with in-depth market research. Knowing the target audience inside out meant we could speak their language.

We analyzed their search terms, their competitors, and most importantly, their pain points. For this specific business, they know their niche. They can be very specialist with the services that they offer for their client.

And as a result, we too can be very specific with the ads.

With our research in hand, we began the meticulous task of crafting the ad copy.

Every word was chosen for its ability to resonate, engage, and compel.

This wasn't just about selling a service; it was about offering a solution that felt tailor-made for the consumer.

The Google Ad Campaign

The ad went live, and the impact was palpable from the get-go.

With high-intent keywords selected for their pull, the campaign was laser-focused on capturing the attention of those who were already looking for what our client offered.

We weren't in the market to educate.

We were here for the sell.

The clarity of the offer and the compelling call to action resonated deeply, compelling the audience to act.

Results didn't trickle in—they flooded.

Over the course of three months, we fine-tuned every aspect of our campaign.

Continuous refinement was our mantra, with each iteration drawing from the insights of the last.

The transformation didn't happen overnight, but the campaign was robust, gathering momentum and delivering leads from the outset.

It evolved into a conversion machine—streamlined and exceptionally effective, translating clicks into clients with unmatched efficiency.

Results: 85% Google Ads Conversion Rate

An 85% conversion rate is not just a number.

It's proof that when you align an exceptional business proposition with a meticulously planned ad strategy, the results can surpass all expectations.

With the ad strategy now refined, we possess the capability to adjust the client's advertising budget to modulate their workload as necessary.

This level of control enables us to manage the campaign's lead generation effectively, ensuring that the business can manage new clients without compromising service quality.

The high conversion rate is not only indicative of immediate success but also represents a scalable and adaptable approach for future business expansion.


So, what's better than happy clients?

It's seeing their vision realised, their goals exceeded, and their business flourishing – all from understanding the undeniable power of the right words at the right time.

This successful case study is a testament to the power of strategic planning and the significant returns it can generate.

If you are interested in using Google Ads for your business, send us a message here.

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