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Optimizing Your Instagram Profile: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Jan 11

Instagram is more than just a social media platform; it's a powerful marketing tool when used

correctly. Optimizing your profile is the first step towards creating a compelling presence on Instagram. Here's a comprehensive guide to doing just that.

Why Optimise Your Instagram Profile?

Optimising your Instagram profile is all about making it as easy as possible for your audience to understand who you are, what you offer, and why they should care. It's your first impression, your elevator pitch, and your business card all rolled into one. If done correctly, it can significantly increase the likelihood of converting casual visitors into followers, and eventually into customers.

Moreover, an optimised profile can improve your visibility on the platform. Instagram uses various signals to determine which profiles and posts to show in its search results and Explore section. Profiles with complete information, relevant keywords, and consistent, high-quality content are more likely to be recommended to users.

Although Instagram doesn't provide specific statistics about the impact of profile optimisation on follower growth or engagement, numerous case studies have shown its benefits. For instance, a study by Sprout Social found that brands that consistently optimise and update their social media profiles experience a 27% increase in traffic or click-through rate to their linked websites.

Step 1: Optimize Your Instagram Handle and Username

Your Instagram handle (@username) is your identity on the platform. It should be recognizable and searchable. If possible, use your business name or something closely related. Avoid numbers and special characters, as they can make your handle more difficult to remember.

For example, our username is @letsmarketnz not or @letsmarket_nz

Step 2: Switch to a Business or Creator Account

If you're using Instagram for professional purposes, switch from a personal account to a Business or Creator account. This will give you access to Instagram's analytics tools, the ability to schedule posts, and more. You can do this in Settings > Account > Switch to Professional Account.

Step 3: Create a Clear and Concise Bio

Your bio is your chance to make a great first impression. It should explain who you are, what you do, and why someone should follow you. Instagram gives you 150 characters for your bio, so make them count. Use emojis for visual appeal and line breaks to make the content easier to digest.

Step 4: Include Relevant Keywords

Including relevant keywords in your bio can increase your discoverability. Instagram's search function is limited to usernames, names, and the words in your bio. So, including keywords related to your industry, services, or products can help users find you.

Step 5: Add Links to Your Bio

Instagram allows you to include five clickable links in your bio. Make it count by linking to your website, a recent blog post, or a current promotional offer. Consider using a link service like Linktree to direct users to multiple destinations.

Step 6: Profile Picture

Choose a profile picture that is easily recognizable and representative of your brand. This could be a logo, a headshot, or another relevant image. Make sure it's high quality and fits within the circular frame.

Step 7: Highlight Your Stories

Instagram Highlights allow you to showcase your best Story content right on your profile page. Use this feature to create a curated collection of Stories that represent your brand, such as "Behind the Scenes," "Testimonials," or "New Arrivals."

Remember, Instagram is not just about numbers—it's about building a community and engaging in meaningful interactions. Optimising your Instagram profile is just the first step. Consistently delivering quality content and engaging with your audience is equally, if not more, important in your Instagram success journey.

Let's Market offers Social Media Makeover package that optimises your profile for you as well as provides you with 15 posts to get your Instagram on the right growth path.

A social media makeover is a perfect solution for small businesses seeking a brand refresh or those venturing into the online world for the first time.

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